5 Warning Signs About Using To Many Dog Treats

If you have a dog you probably have some dog treats laying around. In fact some of my clients have so many dog treats that the dog really doesn’t need dog food because it is eating treats all day long. Giving your dog too many dog treats can cause all types of problems and here are some of the warning signs.

1. If you are giving your dog too many treats it probably has started demanding them for various different activities. For example you may find that your dog demands a treat when you come home or when you get up from taking a nap. I think you get the idea, the dog will figure out all types of situations that require treat.

2. If you used treats to train your dog you’ll probably find that he won’t sit, or down, or stay without a treat been involved. It’s simple, the reason for this is that you bribed him in the beginning and now he expects them all the time for accomplishing any of his obedience tasks.

3. If you’ve used treats to teach your dog to do his business you may find he is waking you up in the middle the night to take him outside, but he really didn’t need to go he just wanted his treat. This is another example of bribery that can backfire on you with your dog.

4. Okay now this one is serious. If your dog shows any sign of aggression with you, other family members, or other pets in the house over his treat or a bone then you need to eliminate treats until you can have the problem resolved with the help of a canine behavior specialist. Like I said this can be a serious problem and somebody or something can get hurt..

5. Last but not least. When that little pup of yours begins to look like a little rolly -polly ball because he’s so overweight then it’s really time to eliminate the treats. Giving your dog too many treats is definitely the way to put weight on your dog that it does not need.

So keep in mind when it comes to treats less is better and don’t let your dog trick you into giving it more than it should have.  I tell people that dogs are really smart and they are really good at training people.  In fact dogs are better at training people than people are at training dogs.